Friday, July 6, 2012

Rolling off the Tongue

I have decided that I am posting something today. What I don't know just yet but whatever comes to mind as I type.  So you may find this post a little funny, unnerving, or completely random but I just need to get somethings out of my head before they implode.

1.  We singles are not 18 anymore. You know what I am talking about. We go around thinking we can all just hang out in some big morpheous group with no attachments and be fine. Well peeps I am sorry to say it but we are not fine. We are lonely and a little lost from what I can tell. Please do not take offense to this because I am talking about me as well as what I see/hear from those around me. I had a strange realization the other day in this regard. While visiting my grandparents grave-site I realized the only reason they are remembered is because of their children and grandchildren. Sure their Aunts/Uncles remembered them but beyond that one generation they aren't. I just had a sickening feeling about families and their vital role as a person's legacy. What do you do when you don't have one?

2.  Pull on your big boy/girl panties and grow up! That is right I said it. I can't tell you how many times people have come to me with this problem or that who don't get it. They are the one's that are the problem not those around them. Get help, seek counseling, do what you gotta do to get a grip. That is what I had to do. Trust me I am a struggling mess but at least I am taking actions to realize what I have done and what I need to do to correct things in my life. NOPE NOT PERFECT here but I am trying to be happy with my life.

3.  Many Many years ago I saw a trend coming. The trend of people waiting later in life to get married if they married at all. Do you want to know how I saw this coming? I saw how Satan/Lucifer/The Devil was manipulating myself and my friends in the most subtle and oft times what we thought were good things to detract us from meeting an eternal companion. YES folks that is right Satan has attacked the family in another way by telling us not to create on in the first place. Do you ever notice how it is so easy to sin/do something bad on your own? There is safety in numbers. You are less likely to go off a deep end if you are attached to someone. (so to speak. ;-)

4. Last but not least on the brain is politics. Oh gracious the stupidity of it all. In a year where the elections are teetering on an economy and illegal immigration issues we are missing a much bigger and in my opinion bigger problem. It is called lack of American education of the 3 Branches of government. I really don't want to get into this but long story short the judicial branch has been used recently to make the laws instead of ruling on them. This is wrong and against the constitutions. Legislative branch is supposed to do that. When the people vote for something the Judicial branch rules on the law the people voted for. Not change the law and revoke the people's voice.

Alright I think I am done. Don't worry once all of these opinions are out of my head I don't get upset over them. It is when I sit and stew over these that it makes me angry. Now it is on to living my life the best way I can and contribute where I can. :-)