Thursday, September 13, 2012

Women!!! - By my very married much younger brother

****The only words I changed in this blog post from his writings is that of spelling corrections.****

In a recent conversation with my wonderful SSS, as often we do, we where discussing various topics of importance when she brought an interesting point to my attention. Do men who are married seem to achieve more in there careers and in there personal life? Indeed my answer was a resounding “You Betch’a.” Not to discount the many great things that single men have accomplished abut I have actually had this same conversation with many of my single and married friends.

First of all it is not that men are unmotivated in general (although many women hold this opinion) indeed most men are simply comfortable with things women usually find appalling. Left to our own devices most men are content to lay around the house in their boxers watching the game and putting cheese wiz on their fast food tacos. It really is fun you should try it. Our bed would be lucky to have matching pillow cases and blanket. We find happiness in comfort and the simple things in life. But unfortunately this can also lead us enjoy these creature comforts so much that we become what you might say too comfortable or set in our ways. Thus the female of the species enters the picture. She also enjoys a few creature comforts of her own but in general is not content to sit in silence with the smell of cheesy tacos soaking into the couch. Women challenge us! They may want curtains on the windows, or perhaps that more than two things in a room match a set theme or color. They enjoy order in their life in one way or another. The male can find this very unusual. Women why exactly do we need extra decorated pillows on our bed that we will never use? I still don’t get it but I guess that is not the point. A woman in our lives make things inextricably complicated, we have to worry about feelings and the complicated social structure you share with your friends. We endure the torture of the long list of projects and cleaning routines, and sometimes it can really drive us mad! So why get married? If there is one thing my meager 6 years of marriage has taught me it is that you never can predict how the combining of two lives and souls can affect you. You will find yourself becoming accustomed to the lavender smell in the bathroom or the light the lace curtains make your living room not to dark or not to bright. That’s not all folks! Besides the obvious non-PG13 benefits of being in love, you may find a strange social phenomenon. That fact that she shares your concerns and dreams, you will find yourself sharing hers as well. After a bad day you will find a caring person instead of a can of aerosol cheese, and yes you will find yourself wanting to be more not just for her but for yourself. There has never been a greater opportunity for service for me than in my marriage. My wife has challenged me, brought joy into even the most mundane times of my life and has been a motivator for the betterment of myself.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Honest Politicians????

Today is just a short rant. I just got tired of listening to all the political rhetoric going on between both parties.  Nothing is truly being accomplished by this election. No one is telling the truth....whether it is about themselves or their opponent. I am not speaking just about the Presidential race either.

People want politicians to tell the truth but really would they be able to handle it.

The truth that there is so much deception and behind closed door meetings that would frighten us. Or that our national debt can not be cleared ever because of the deals that were made MANY years before I was even born. Would Americans be able to handle the politicians telling them that they are fat and lazy and being lulled into a controlled existence? Would they be ok with knowing that by having the government give handouts/ups that they are controlling taking away agency/freedom? If politicians were honest with how much they get paid or their kickbacks from major corporations and lobbyists it would make us sick. To know that they are still paid with tax dollars on top of what they get under the table. Or that they pass laws that don’t apply to them….HELLO Medicare, Social Security, Obamacare. 

If the American people want honesty from politicians then they better be able to handle the truth. The truth that politicians are supposed to work for us but instead we fill like we work for them. That they are supposed to listen to the majority and not the minority. That they are supposed to create laws that the American people want and not what will suit their vested interests. That judges are supposed to enforce the laws not create them. That we are supposed to vote our conscience and not what the media or tradition tells us. I have seen where people vote for someone because of their name.

Can we handle the truth from the politicians? I would be saddened to really have them speak the truth because I know that it would throw me for a loop about their intentions and agenda for America as well as themselves. Not what the American people want. It is like in High School when we vote for King and Queen. We vote for those who are pretty or who flatter us. Not who best represents us.

You may or may not agree. This is just my own personal opinion and yes I do know that there are some good people in politics. This is just a generalization and not to point fingers at any politician or party. But this is what I see and feel.