Friday, June 8, 2012


Dear Men:

Just because we are friends and I care for you doesn’t mean I like you in a romantic way.  So stop freaking out and just be a good friend.  All I am trying to offer you all is support and friendship.  And really would it be so bad if I liked you?  You would be dang lucky to have a girl like me in your life.  Not that I am perfect but really not a bad person.

It is driving me nuts that men are like this.  They freak out that I like them if I ask them about their life.  Goodness gracious guys just want to be a good friend.  Last I checked you were not my type and by type I mean I can tell you don’t think of me in any romantic way and that is not my type.  I prefer to date men who have an interest in me.

Also if I say I miss you it doesn’t mean that I changed my mind but that I miss our friendship.  To me friendship is the most important thing a person can have.  Friends can turn into lovers yes and probably those are the best kind of relationships but most likely the general male population in my life will not turn into anything more than friendship.

We all need to learn to be a good friend because we can’t be more than that to anyone until we know how to be a friend.  So grow up get a pair of “man marbles” and be a friend.  Stopping being afraid that a girl likes you.  If you need to have a conversation with a lady by all means have it and be honest.  You can have great girl friends but one day you are only going to have ONE in your life so figure out how to be that great friend to her.

Dear Women:

Learn how to be happy without a man.  Don’t go chasing men around every corner and at every social function.  Be happy and content with who you are.  You are just making it more difficult for yourselves and other women to form a romantic attachment.  Being so aggressive and asking guys out or providing them with “hang out” options is ridiculous.


Be a woman.  We have a wonderful role in life and yes sometimes it is a supportive role.  Stop the drama please.  Life doesn’t have to be a roller coaster.  There doesn’t need to always be something wrong or in the mix.  Peace and beauty go hand in hand.
No this isn’t the 1950’s but please take a step back and allow men to grow instead of hand feeding them so to speak.  Trust me if you start the relationship it will never work and if it does work you will be pushing and pulling the man along.

Least you think this was a rant on everyone but me please read the final letter.

Dear SSS:

Stop being afraid to FAIL!!!  Yes that is right you are afraid of failing and that is why you run a million miles a minute.  You are afraid to let someone down or not follow through on something or even hang onto a relationship to long because you feel it is failure if things don’t work out.  Even with friends.

This is hindering your contentment and happiness.  In your need to control your life and situations you miss out on just letting good things happen.  Stop trying to be everything for everybody.  They will let you down and you will let them down.  Be alright with the disappointment.  Be happy with who you are and what you bring to life.

Admit your faults and weaknesses.  Stop pretending to be strong, you have weak moments or days and that is fine.  Don’t go blabbing all your problems obviously as you are not that type of person but admit you can’t do everything.  You need down time to regroup and rejuvenate for your health if nothing else. 

Take a breath and relax.  Enjoy the beautiful life you have and stop worrying about everyone else.  They can take care of themselves and if they can’t they will let you know.  Don’t be afraid of failing in life because you know from experience that huge blessings have come from your biggest failures.  Let people in…especially guys.  Stop keeping them at arms length.

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